Estimasi Parameter Kanal dengan Algoritma SAGE pada Antena Array Kubus

28 07 2010

AbstractThe Use of antena cube array is one of solutions to improve the channel capacity of wireless communication. The purpose  of this study is to investigate the channels estimation parameter of Delay, DoA (Direction of Arrival) in area indoor with Algoritma SAGE (Space Alternating Generalized Expectation Maximization) at Antena cubical array based spherical. By using an array of spherical cubes with three-dimensional distribution will provide wider scan (angle Azimuth 360° (-p, p), and angle elevation 180° (0, p)), so that the performance of SAGE Algorithm as processing signals which have high resolution in separate incidence waves will be better.

Keywords— Channel Estimation, Delay, DoA, SAGE Algorithm, Cubes Array

Publised in: Proceedings of CITEE 2009 in UGM (ISSN: 2085-6350)





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